MALCORP is a Consortium that comprise a group of dynamic companies, each specialising in the manufacture and production of an extensive range of automotive, industrial, commercial and general rubber products.

The formation of MALCORP represents an effort to enhance export competitiveness of rubber products. From design development, prototyping and to the final stages of implementation and production, MALCORP is your one-stop rubber products sourcing centre.


MALCORP boasts the world’s largest catalog…

The only company in the world with a mould bank of over 15,000 rubber automotive items suitable for major car brands worldwide.

MALCORP has a vast selection of high quality rubber automotive parts, rubber industrial hoses, bridge bearings & expansion joints and rubber gloves.


MALCORP offer services from sourcing to prototyping specific rubber products to meet client’s requirements. Our product quality is ensured before consolidating shipments to customers around the world.


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