Cylindrical Fenders are a simple and versatile rubber marine fenders system and can be easily installed. The Cylindrical Fenders’ proportional increase of reaction force and energy absorption all the way to the rated deflection is an advantage resulting in softer berthing.

Our Cylindrical Rubber Marine Fenders are available by Moulding process to ensure it is compact, solid and reliable. Moulding size can be up to 2000mm. For small size, extruded process is also available upon requested.

Special dimensions and features such as pre-bending or jointing can be requested.



  • Simple and economical design
  • Special wear resistant rubber upon requested
  • Very robust and simple design
  • Easy to install
  • Progressive Load deflection curve


  • Bulk Terminals
  • General Cargo Terminals
  • RoRo Terminals
  • Fishing and Workboat Berths
  • Tug Boats


Rigid Fenders (DD, DC, SC) have a D or Square outer form and either a D shaped center (DD type) or cylindrical center bore (DC Fender).

Most of Rigid Fenders are by moulding process to ensure the best quality.

Rigid Fenders are available in standard sizes but can be supplied at odd size upon requested by moulding process.

• Simple & easy installation
• Customized sizes
• Wide range of applications

• Jetties and wharves
• Pontoon protection
• Multiple purpose fendering
• Tug Boats and Workboats
• Small boat berths

We have a wide range of Marine Fenders.
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